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Official Tutorial Index (old)

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Posted 21 April 2007 - 07:59 AM

Full Signature

Grunge Signature By Bluwizdom - Outcome -
Simple, Brushless Tutorial By getfirefox - Outcome -
Space Themed Sig Tut By vnt87 - Outcome -
Stock Sig Tut By sydney - Outcome -
Making Flashy Abstract Sigs By Havok - Outcome -
Pixel Sig By MistrManiac - Outcome -
Full Fall Manip Tutorial By Fl4m3d_Sky - Outcome -
Chaoscope Signature By Trapezium - Outcome -
Pixel Stretch Signature Tutorial By Kytayle - Outcome -
Desaturated Tut By Mercenary - Outcome -
Smudge Abstract By Vo1ture - Outcome -
Full Grunge Sig Tutorial By Kasami - Outcome -
Advanced Custom Shaped Tech Sig Tutorial By PaNzEr gsp - Outcome -
Sharp Grudge Abstract Tutorial By Vo1ture - Outcome -
Brush and C4D Sig Tut By The-Witch-King - Outcome -
Sprite Signature Tutorial By Pnoi - Outcome -
Brush and Filters Sig Tut By Tkill - Outcome -
Curly's Ffxii Sig Tutorial By curly haired boy - Outcome -
Line Abstract Tut By A90 - Outcome -
Grid Style Sig By Trickd - Outcome -
Make A Cool Glass/metal Sig By littleem - Outcome -
Using Brushes Signature Tut By TheKoopaBros. - Outcome -
Autumnal Sunrise Silhouette Signature By Pnoi - Outcome -
Brush and Smudge Sig Tut By MattGIMP - Outcome -
Vector Sig Tutorial By curly haired boy - Outcome -
Brushless Sig Tutorial By curly haired boy - Outcome -
Splatter/vector Sig Tutorial By curly haired boy - Outcome -
Freestyle C4d Tutorial. By Aegis - Outcome -


Making Grunge And Flame Backround By takkun987
Grungestract Background Tutorial By Trapezium - Outcome -
Pixel Background By Blazeboy - Outcome -
Camouflage Backgrounds By punksnowboarder - Outcome -
Creating A 3d Background Of Boxes By MJF - Outcome -
Newbie's Plasma Cloud Background By Fallon - Outcome -
Space Backgrounds By Chosen1 - Outcome -
Pixel Backgrounds By noclayto - Outcome -
Grunge Background By SPANKY - Outcome -
Another Tech Tutorial By Luktar - Outcome -
How To Make A Grunge Background By droz928 - Outcome -
How To Easily Make A Forest Background For Your Images By Griatch - Outcome -


Rusty Text By Chocolate570 - Outcome -
Text Effects By Nevon
Frosty Text By Dharma - Outcome -
Create 3d Text By Mr_T - Outcome -
Molten Lava Text By g0ldElite - Outcome -
Creating Shining Plastic Text By Ali Imran - Outcome -
Text Blending By fencepost - Outcome -

Avatars and Userbars

Make A Sort Of Userbar By 360 - Outcome -
Full Avatar Tut By Jackie - Outcome -
Make A Userbar By getfirefox - Outcome -


The Famous 1px Border By JeppebirD
Tech Border Tutorial By NateDog77 - Outcome -


Gap - Layermasking Video By ccbarr - Outcome -
Gap - Animated Scrolling Text By ccbarr - Outcome -
Animated Progress Bar By swmiller6 - Outcome -
How To Insert A .gif Animation Into Your Image By doomed1
3D Animated Box By shachi - Outcome -
Make A Grainy Video Animation By Lyra - Outcome -
Pixel Stretch Animation Tutorial For Gap By fencepost - Outcome -
Fading Between Images Using GAP By fencepost - Outcome -
Gap - Animated Dvd Menus By ccbarr
GAP - Add a background via Layermasking By ccbarr - Outcome -
Gap - Text Along Path By ccbarr - Outcome -
Animated Ball By stefcho_94 - Outcome -
Convert Mpeg Video Files Into Gifs Using Gap By dragonballjoseph - Outcome -
Gap - Inserting Animated .gifs Painlessly By Sean-Michael - Outcome -
Make A Fading Transition With Gap By Sean-Michael - Outcome -
GAP - Advanced Animation Simplified By Sean-Michael - Outcome -
Handwritten Text By fencepost - Outcome -
Making An Animated Flag By fencepost - Outcome -
Morphing Images By fencepost - Outcome -
Animated Snowfall In Gimp Gap By fencepost - Outcome -
Animated Flames By NateDog77 - Outcome -
Animated Highlight By fencepost - Outcome -
Animated Rain By fencepost - Outcome -
Creating A Simple Animated .gif By Sean-Michael - Outcome -
GAP - Animated Border Highlight By fencepost - Outcome -
Quick, Electric Sparks Animation Logo By Gerynar
GAP - Animated Flash Text By fencepost - Outcome -
Thumping Sig By BR7 - Outcome -
GAP - Old Monitor Sig Tutorial By curly haired boy - Outcome -
Gap For Animated Gif By sbicknel
Gap Very Simple Tutorial By ccbarr - Outcome -
Another Beginner Gap Tutorial By ccbarr Outcomes: -1- -2-
Gap Paths Animation Tutorial By ccbarr - Outcome -

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Posted 22 April 2007 - 07:43 AM

Making Brushes

Techy Brushes By noclayto
Creating Grungestract Brushes By gigatwo - Outcome -
Grunge Cube Brushes By StormGuard - Outcome -
Basic Rivet Brush By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Creating Spikey Brushes By fencepost - Outcome -
Extensive Guide - Making Brushes By fencepost
Making Grunge Brushes By Watup - Outcome -
Swirly Brushes By drogonZX - Outcome -

Web Layouts and Buttons

Creating Complete Website By Man of Valor - Outcome -
How To Create Image Maps For Websites By Chocolate570 - Outcome -

How to make...

Making 3d Product Box By Ali Imran - Outcome -
Creating A 3d Cylinder In Gimp By Ali Imran - Outcome -
Tentacle Tubes By noclayto
How To Create A 3d Room By MJF - Outcome -
Creating An Abstract By cgwyllie - Outcome -
Funny Thing Tutorial By stefcho_94 - Outcome -
Deep-space Pics By onionguy92 - Outcome -
Add A Sun To Your Solar System By FunkyFloyd - Outcome -
Loch Ness By sydney - Outcome -
Wave Tutorial By Zed0 - Outcome -
Tech Star By noclayto - Outcome -
Continents Tutorial By mrbagrat - Outcome -
3d Flower Tutorial By ryvkah - Outcome -
Creating Shining 3d Box By noclayto - Outcome -
Creating Potions By da nite slaya - Outcome -
Quickly Create A Water Surface By Ali Imran - Outcome -
Very Realistic Fire By jc987 - Outcome -
Tech Splash Tutorial By Luktar - Outcome -
Creating 3d Bowl By Ali Imran - Outcome -
Brick Wall Mosaic By onionguy92 - Outcome -
Tube-kind Tutorial By Blinkz - Outcome -
Abstract Twirl Tutorial By Lowfire - Outcome -
Creating Realistic Cd Disk By Ali Imran - Outcome -
Creating Realistic Star Fields By Chrios - Outcome -
Alien Flesh By ClayOgre - Outcome -
A Better Planet Tutorial By Marvin x - Outcome -
Pencil Drawing With Gimp -- Making A Black&white Human Concept Picture By Griatch - Outcome -
Meteor Tut By Blinkz - Outcome -
Creating A Globe In 2 Easy Steps By Ali Imran - Outcome -
"woven" Tribal Artwork By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Creating Denim By fencepost - Outcome -
Creating A Stereogram By fencepost - Outcome -
Definitive Wire Tut By alienfrommars - Outcome -
Creating A Water Texture By droz928 - Outcome -
Simple Crystal Thing By StormGuard - Outcome -
Foil Paper By noclayto
Making Ancient Coins By Ali Imran - Outcome -
Planning And Drawing Battle Cyborgs By Griatch - Outcome -
Creating Clear Globe Containers By fencepost - Outcome -
Create Realistic Fire With Ease By g0ldElite - Outcome -
The Evil Ring By masterdash - Outcome -
Sheathed Glass Tube By Monkey - Outcome -
Amazing Planet By Significant_Other - Outcome -
Triskit Knot By ClayOgre - Outcome -
The "organic" C4d By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Barbed Wire By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Tutorial Of Character-drawing By Pig_catapult - Outcome -
Learning To Draw Human Skin And A Hand By Griatch - Outcome -
Creating Real Old Rusted Paper By Ali Imran - Outcome -
Paint A Futuristic City By Griatch - Outcome -
Making Empty Broken Egg Shell By Ali Imran - Outcome -
Soap Bubbles By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Creating Character Artwork By Griatch - Outcome -
Basic Mountain By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Make A Flower By Fatal Edge - Outcome -

Effects and Enhancements

Shadows And Glows (3-d Effects) By saulgoode
Transition Blending By Sean-Michael - Outcome -
Backlight Effect By Noble - Outcome -
Text Bars By Watup - Outcome -
Galvanized Metal By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Fitting Text To An Uneven Surface By fencepost - Outcome -
"Cartooning" An Image By Trademarc - Outcome -
Selective Coloring By fencepost - Outcome -
Easy Stock Blending By DudeDruid - Outcome -
Sketched Glass Tutorial By kward1979uk - Outcome -
My Style Photo Tweak By booler - Outcome -
Drawing-style Picture By elgie - Outcome -
A Better Emboss And Drawing Tutorial By Trapezium Outcomes: -1- -2-
Gradient Map By philFX - Outcome -
Wave And Waterfall Rainbows By PhotoMaster - Outcome -
Woven Box By Blazeman PWNer - Outcome -
Water Reflection with Squirlz Program By toykoldkilla - Outcome -
Transform A Photo In A B&w Illustration By fotocomics - Outcome -
Stripekind Stuff By Blinkz - Outcome -
Mosaic Grid To Photos By noclayto - Outcome -
Softening The Edges Of Your Cutouts By fencepost
Creating A Spikey Thing... By zisme - Outcome -
Quick Pixel Stretch Method By fencepost
Quick Scan Lines Tut By Bloggs
3 Ways To Put An Image In Your Text By fencepost - Outcome -
Warm Glow Photomanipulation By fencepost - Outcome -
Make Your Own Scanlines By BR7 - Outcome -
Brushed Metal And Blended Text By noclayto - Outcome -
Creating Lightning By fencepost - Outcome -
Blending, Colours And Lighting By Fatal Edge - Outcome -
Blending Images In Gimp By fencepost - Outcome -
Reflections By noclayto
Blending Background Tut By monotone - Outcome -
Adding Fantasy Mood And Light To A Picture By Griatch - Outcome -
Easy Sparks By Koops12 - Outcome -
Really Cool Supernova Effect By onionguy92 - Outcome -
Vector Your Renders! By curly haired boy - Outcome -
How To Change Eye Colour By badassfeline - Outcome -


Gimp-gap Overview By saulgoode
Weird Fonts Fix By Sean-Michael
Bump Mapping By Ali Imran
Compiling Gimp 2.3.x For Windows By redforce
How To Customize Your Gimp Menus By fotocomics
Converting Photoshop Brush Files .abr And Paint Shop Pro Brush Files .jbr To Gimp .gbr Brush Files By Ali Imran
How To Stroke Filters With Brushes By fotocomics
How To Use The Gimp "history" Brush By fotocomics
Let's Make Some Cursors. By a saurus1
Changing The Look Of Your Gimp By Sean-Michael - Outcome -
A Guide To Gimp By bourne
The Layer-mask Rendering Method By ClayOgre
How To Convert Photoshop Brushes To Gimp By droz928
Creating And Using Paths By fencepost
Using the Quickmask By swmiller6 - Outcome -
How To Create And Install A New Splashscreen By droz928
Resizable Brushes And How To Take Advantage Of Gimp's Powerful Airbrush Tool By Griatch
Cutting Out Renders Using The Paths Tool By fencepost - Outcome -
Compiling Gimp From Cvs (head) With Ubuntu 6.06 By redforce
Learn Full Gimp Interface In Half An Hour By Ali Imran

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Posted 22 April 2007 - 01:12 PM

Last Updated: 20/05/07

Through the joint efforts of myself and ClayOgre we now have yet another index in place. Thankfully this wasn't as exhausting as the User Tuts one, so no need to find a corner to collapse in.

#4 User is offline   dom_gold 

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Posted 13 May 2007 - 04:08 PM

yay !
-Man utd fan , Dom


Don't ask about the sig i can't rememebr how to make it lol

Posted Image

[url=]Click here to see somthing cool!

#5 User is offline   XyllyX 

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Posted 13 May 2007 - 09:57 PM


Through the joint efforts of myself and ClayOgre

Joint...ha! You did the lion's share of it.... I started...then dropped the ball and never bothered to pick it back up again.

#6 User is offline   Griatch 

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Posted 13 May 2007 - 09:59 PM

Good job! Impressive.

This was a much needed list.

#7 User is offline   Afrochicken14 

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Posted 13 May 2007 - 10:46 PM


Last Updated: 06/05/07

*looks at watch*...HUH!? Isn't it like... 5/13/07 right now?
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#8 User is offline   Lunar Echoes 

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Posted 19 May 2007 - 02:52 PM

06/05/07 hasn't happened yet XD

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Posted 19 May 2007 - 03:02 PM

I live in England, where the date format is DD/MM/YY.

06/05 is referring to the 6th of May, not the 5th of June.


#10 User is offline   PhotoComix 

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Posted 19 May 2007 - 04:50 PM

Whatever is your local date format you did a impressive work

Thank you :h:

#11 User is offline   Lunar Echoes 

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Posted 19 May 2007 - 10:10 PM


I live in England, where the date format is DD/MM/YY.

06/05 is referring to the 6th of May, not the 5th of June.

Ah, that makes sense now :w: Thanks for all the work you did on the list!

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#12 User is offline   steve s. 

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Posted 31 May 2007 - 07:54 PM

Man...still love this list! Excellent job! It's the only way I can find what I want...awesome! Well done! :w:

#13 User is offline   Icegoten 

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Posted 09 July 2007 - 03:26 AM

Oh thank you! =,D
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#14 User is offline   KikiMooded 

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Posted 11 July 2007 - 01:53 AM

this must have taken AGES. thanks for all the help, this will save me tons of time =)
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#15 User is offline   Cullin 

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Posted 14 July 2007 - 12:41 AM

Pretty cool,
Nice job.
Hi, I'm semi new here..
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Posted 14 July 2007 - 12:51 AM

You Guys Rock!

Posted Image

My Sigs = My Photos
Check out my work at

#17 User is offline   dvwilsoncanada 

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Posted 14 July 2007 - 01:54 PM

I am new to the Gimp community but I am already inspired by what I have seen! This applies to both the software (I will be using the Windows version - still MS dependent), and the community. Because I am new, I welcome any resources that I can find, to shorten the learning period. Consequently, I was happy to run across this forum, and the list in this thread.

I am new to the Gimp, but I am a "fossil" of the computer industry, having started in 1964 with I.B.M.! Throughout my lengthy career, I have focused mainly on systems engineering/programming, and as a result, I have had to research/learn many software packages.

One of the features, of any documentation for a software package, which I have found to be invaluable, is a good accompanying index. That is why I referred to the main content of this thread as a "list" above. The difference, as I am sure you all know, is that an "index" is an "organized list". At a minimum, a list needs to be alphabetized, and the entry descriptions need to be worded more precisely (to assist in the "look-up" process), before it can properly be called an index.

For example: "Creating layers with the Gimp" should be re-worded as something like "Layers, creating with the Gimp"

Please accept this as an attempt at constructive criticism rather than a "put-down". Also, please forgive me if I am "speaking out of turn", or if I appear to be "lecturing", I don't want to get off on the wrong foot with this community, because I'm looking forward to a lengthy involvement in it.

Don Wilson - Canada :h:

#18 User is offline   Fatal Edge 

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Posted 14 July 2007 - 02:22 PM

I suppose one could consider it a difference of approach. I did consider both formats. However, I considered the format used a better option. The reason being that when searching for a particular something people have a general idea of the ballpark they are looking for.

E.G. a user may be looking for tricks on working with text, or a need to animate something. The format used breaks down the content into these defined categories. Even when browsing these categories for what they are after (which may be no more specific than "I want some cool text") they may also see other related tutorials that interest them. If I'm looking for "Rust Style Text" and I also glance and see "Frosty Text" I might think that might be another text style to try as well for whatever project(s) I'm working on. In an alphabetical format those two tutorials would be separate. In an alphabetical format related tutorials, and as such tutorials that may be of interest to try for results in the same area, would be spread out rather than kept neatly together.

In terms of the order of the categories themselves, this order was decided upon based on what I thought would be the popularity of each category.

Plus if someone is looking for something exact then the search feature of any browser is more superior than sifting through any index or list, regardless of how it may be sorted.

Do not think I am merely disregarding your opinion though without due thought on the matter. You are welcome to your opinion, and always encouraged to express it. I am merely expressing my reasonings for the current format.


#19 User is offline   Blondecheer8 

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Posted 18 August 2007 - 09:19 PM

I am fairly new to GIMP in the means of the knowlodge and skill that I have, and I have learned everything that I know by these tutorials. I think it's amazing and wonderful that this site is all for GIMP and that it has things ranging from the beginner things to the master things, therefore having something for everything. I have especially used the tutorials from this list to learn and make new things, and I just want to say thank you to Fatal Edge for creating this site and to everyone that makes tutorials for providing the learning experiances. And last, but not least, all of ou here for being for friendly and just all over pretty much amazing.

With Love And Graditude,

- Johannah

#20 User is offline   Desperatesoulz 

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Posted 27 August 2007 - 09:28 PM

nice job thats a good list

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