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User Tutorials Index

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Posted 27 February 2007 - 08:48 PM

Full Signature

Full Grunge Sig By ultra mc - Outcome -
Flame Abstract Signature Tutorial By Kytayle - Outcome -
Painted Sig By The One - Outcome -
Brushless Tut By ippo
Full Signature Tutorial (Grunge) By cloud44765 - Outcome -
A Diff Backround Tut (Line Nova) By takkun987 - Outcome -
Grunge Plasma Signature By Herumtreiber - Outcome -
Gimp Grunge Tutorial By Fallon
Easy Beginners Techno Sig By alienfrommars - Outcome -
Grunge Signature Tutorial By Dead Krypt
Brushed Background Tut By Q_Man - Outcome -
Tut, By Fox By Herumtreiber
Easy Brushless Signature Tutorial By Barker
Fiery Bg Sig Tut By takkun987
Abstract Tag Tut By BaMbOo
Brushing Sig Tut! By donttouch - Outcome -
Multi-coloured Sigs By SSJ8 - Outcome -
Mist Strectch Tutoiral By teragonto - Outcome -
High-tech Sig Tutorial By jbrown101st
Render-less Sig Tutorial. By Koops12 - Outcome -
Full Sig Tut By Watup
Brushed Banner Tut By SSJ8
My Pixel Strech Tut By Q_Man - Outcome -
Newbie Pixel Stretch By fire - Outcome -
Making A Full Complete Grunge Signature. By GIMPer4life - Outcome -
C4d Full Signature Tutorial. By LeftRightBack - Outcome -
Silhoutte Style Signature By vnt87 - Outcome -
Abstract Sig In Gimp For Beginners By Ece Zdawg671
Creepy Stock Tutorial By Vo1ture - Outcome -
Pillar Of Light By refried_mobert
Photomanip Sig By ~M a l i c k~ - Outcome -
Warrior Filter Tag Tut By takkun987
Sunset Tut By MotoXguy
Full Sig Tutorial By MotoXguy
Easy But Nice Sig Tut By Blaze - Outcome -
Novice Tutorial By Bluwizdom - Outcome -
Stock Signature Tutorial By arachn1d - Outcome -
Abstract Tutorial By bourne
Defaults Signature - Street Fighter By SPANKY
Fractal Tutorial By bourne
Smudge And C4d Sig By Fighter4Life88 - Outcome -
A Fast Anime Signature (Video Tut - German Language) By - Outcome -
Colored Anime Signature (Video Tutorial) By - Outcome -
Photoshop C4d Signature Tutorial By -emma
Sprite 'n' Background Tutorial By Vo1ture
Full Grunge By Buket-Head
Brushed Signature Tutorial By Bluwizdom - Outcome -
Full Toad Sig Tutorial By Mercenary
Women Tutorial By Vo1ture - Outcome -
Signature Tutorial! By manutd93
Fractal Brush Signature Tutorial By Zevel - Outcome -
Full Sig Tut (Filters and Smudging) By fuglyseep - Outcome -
Full Sig Tut (Fractal Brushing) By Zevel - Outcome -
Grungestract Sig Tutorial By teragonto - Outcome -
Grunge Signature Tutorial By BetaWar
Brushless Sig By SPANKY
Abstract Brushing Signature Tutorial By manutd93
Soft Dreamy Tutorial By Vo1ture
Signature Tutorial - Chaoscope Required By Karaidon - Outcome -
Render Copy Signature By jbrown101st
Focal Point Signature By Koops12
Render Copy Signature By Smokey - Outcome -
Brushed Signature Tutorial By SoccerDude - Outcome -
Blurrish Tutorial By devianbomb
One Piece Sig Tutorial By Zoro - Outcome -
Full Sig Tut By PytoX
Vector Signature Tutorial. By LeftRightBack
Brushed Background Sig Tutorial By Q_Man
Brushed Background Sig Tutorial By zapfire - Outcome -
Defaults Signature Tutorial By Thorn
Chaoscope Signature By Trapezium
C4d/stock/photomanip Tut By devianbomb
Vector Sig Vatech Style By vatech
Iron Man Filters/defaults Tut By Metroidkiller6
Sparkle Grunge Signature By apizzle - Outcome -
Gundam Sig By .hacked
Photomanip/stock Sig Tutorial By fuglyseep
Brushed Background Signature Tutorial By TehSabbingSlayer - Outcome -
Stock Manip Tutorial By Fozzy - Outcome -
Realistic Flame Tut By BetaWar
Brushed Background Signature By bladesonic2005
Brushed Background Tutorial By yugihalo - Outcome -
Brushed Background Tutorial By B4H4MU7 - Outcome -
Smudge and Sparks Sig Tut By spitz
Defaults Signature Tutorial By bufar - Outcome -
Sprite Sig Tut By Watup
Displace Signature By WindWaker101 - Outcome -
Brushless Tut By Blue Mar00n - Outcome -
Stock Tags/sigs By Vhox - Outcome -
Pixel Stretch Signature By Repsa_Jih
Brushless Signature By Rathman55 - Outcome -
Basic Football Tutorial By soccerplaya13cj - Outcome -
Grunge Pick Signature By sadaf - Outcome -
Starry Sig. By Katakoe - Outcome -
Glowing Sig By Fabozi - Outcome -
Neiji Sig Tutorial By SnakeEye - Outcome -
Brushing Signature Tutorial By getfirefox
Ghost Rider Explosion By DFstewie
Flaming Sig Tutorial By The-Witch-King - Outcome -
Stock Manip Tut By A90 - Outcome -
Pixel Blur Signature By Ermine
Stock Effect Tutorial By Hidan - Outcome -
Brushed Background Signature By Darkshadow03 - Outcome -
Pick Signature By Bluwizdom - Outcome -
Signature Tutorial (Filters and Brushing) By zz169 - Outcome -
Subzero (Smudging and Brushes) By Crystalline
Brushed Signature Tutorial By grimmy91 - Outcome -
Human Torch Sig (Portuguese) (English Version) By _EnCoStO_
Penguin's Stock Tut By Flying Penguin - Outcome -
Effects Sig By Hidan - Outcome -
Death Tag Tut By takkun987
Full Grunge Signature Tut By Flying Penguin - Outcome -
The "spam Flame" Technique By Kªñdid - Outcome -
Tyrant Sig Tut By Shadow Tyrant
Smudge Signature By cooliodogs1 - Outcome -
Render Copy Tut By linkmasta23
Tech Sig Tut By Luigi1003 - Outcome -
Lava Samus Tutorial By Luigi239 - Outcome -
Pixel Stretch Tutorial By Cantor
Abstractcrazy Tut By Shadow Tyrant - Outcome -
Stock Tut By Phyro_gp
Sparks Vector Sig Tut By sponge - Outcome -
Splatter C4d Tut By devianbomb
Grunge Stock Signature By getfirefox - Outcome -
Animated Scan Bar Signature By SS4Sith - Outcome -
Brushed Background Signature Tutorial By Shockdrop - Outcome -
Manipulation By stefcho_94 - Outcome -
Motion Blur Signature Tut By SnakeEye - Outcome -
Bleach Sig (Render Copy) By Alpha FX - Outcome -
Brushed Side Signature By jJmF1226 - Outcome -
Smudging Tutorial By Link and Sheik
Stock Smudge Tut By devianbomb
Dark Sig Tut By stefcho_94 - Outcome -
Wind Waker Sig Tutorial By Luigi239
Grunge Sig Tut By Mariokid - Outcome -
Stock Manip Tut By Phyro_gp
Kankuro Signature Tutorial By Cartor
Naruto Sparks Signature Tutorial By Sai - Outcome -
Effect Explosion Tut By killer_kyle
Grunge Signature Tutorial By roaddogg
Auron Brushing Signature By King of Bandits - Outcome -
Smudge Signature Tutorial By Bren.
Vector Sig Tutorial By curly haired boy
Dreamy Sig Tutorial By Parrappa
Oblivion Signature Tut By Eyre
Naruto Signature Tutorial By stefcho_94
Dark Signature Tutorial By stefcho_94
Submerged Stock Sig Tutorial By DFstewie
"Pixelated" Photomanip Technique By mrchefchris - Outcome -
Roboflow By Jethro252
Jolteon Motion Blur Signature By AvaGirl
Stock Signature Tutorial By Trapezium
Venom Sig Tut By Dirt Track
Brush Background Sig Tutorial By yugihalo - Outcome -
Sprite Sig Tutorial By curly haired boy
Brushless Sig Tut By takkun987
Crash Course (Stock Sig) By Pnoi - Outcome -
Detailed Splatter Sig By Ece Zdawg671
Samus Sig Tutorial By rm4
Spiderman Stock Manip By yugihalo - Outcome -
Road Stock Tut By sweyko5
Red Vengence Tutorial By Parrappa
Cars Stock Sig By stefcho_94
Archer Sig Tutorial By Emanation
Christmas Stock Manip Tutorial By sydney - Outcome -
Grunge Sig Tut By Logo - Outcome -
Shinji Stock Signature By Hidan - Outcome -
Basketball Player Sig Tut By Knickers - Outcome -
Simple Tech Sig Tut... By kale - Outcome -
Grunge Pixel Stretch Tut By Dark Wolf
Motion Blur Signature By Nielssonnich - Outcome -
C4D Signature Tutorial By +-HaWk-+
C4D Sparkle Sig Tut By SPANKY
Jersey Change Tut (Brushing) By MikeNY711 - Outcome -
Pixel Stretch Sig Tut By DLF
Sprite Tutorial By Vo1ture
Metal Sig Tutorial By SoccerDude
Artistic Fall Tutorial By Jethro252 - Outcome -
Rusty I-beam Tutorial By curly haired boy
From The Water By Mercenary - Outcome -
V for Vendetta Sig Tut (Newbie) By Skins - Outcome -
Shiva Tutorial By AvantGarde - Outcome -
Grunge Signature Tutorial By GuitarooKid
Light Explosion Signature By Fatal Edge - Outcome -
Newbie Pick Signature By Parrappa
Samus Motion Signature By Sirk - Outcome -
Brush and Pixel Stretch Signature By Nathan - Outcome -
Pick Sig Tut By A90 - Outcome -
Luigi C4D Signature By Rubidox
Samus Grunge Signature By Sirk - Outcome -
Kenny Brush Signature By boudey
Autum Luv Stock Tut By FullMetalEnvy
Scatter Smudge By Drago
Zelda C4D Stock Signature By flare
Naruto Brushed Signature By Lavathing9 - Outcome -
Brush Background Signature Tut By Puma Fire
Using textures with your sig By Sir Yeti - Outcome -
C4D Tutorial By Major Sev - Outcome -
Newbie Stock Sig By Amy - Outcome -
Gaaraclassic Sig Tutorial By curly haired boy
Freak Shoe Stock Tutorial By Fl4m3d_Sky
Grunge Signature Tutorial By stefcho_94 - Outcome -
Desolate Style Tut By Desolate1134
Sprite Tutorial By The-Witch-King - Outcome -
Vector Header/Banner Tut By Parrappa
Defaults Depth Signature Tutorial By Fatal Edge - Outcome -
Shiny Banner Tut By niteflite - Outcome -
Full Brushless Sig Tut! By curly haired boy
Spiderman Sprite Tut By niteflite
Brushed Signature Tutorial By Puma Fire
Brushless Signature Tut By fraz_mctag - Outcome -
Superman Sig Tut By papadopolis
Sprite Flow Sig Tutorial By Lowfire - Outcome -
Defaults Light Burst Signature Tutorial By Fatal Edge - Outcome -
Assassin's Creed Tutorial. By THaToNeGuY - Outcome -
Halo Signature Tut By W0Wn00b
Displace Sig Tut By rm4
Quick & Easy Stock Tutorial By sydney - Outcome -
Simple Grunge Sig By MistyMighty82 - Outcome -
Photomanip Tut! By Sora - Outcome -
Sprite Flow Tut By AwacsSkyeye
Assasin's Creed Signature Tut By keyblade_15 - Outcome -
Penguins Sig Tut By Flying Penguin - Outcome -
Liquid Burst Signature Tutorial By Fatal Edge - Outcome -
Stock Sig Tut By hanzel2m
Grunge Signature Tutorial By Hairy Munky - Outcome -
Grunge Sig Tut By Koolstr
Anime Sig Tut By FullMetalEnvy
Easy Photo-manipulation Sig Tutorial By MobiusOne - Outcome -
Kof Sprite Tut By A90 - Outcome -
Into Darkness Sig Tut By Shadow Tyrant - Outcome -
Anime Tag Tut By hanzel2m
"Candy Bar" Sig By alienfrommars - Outcome -
Smudging Tut By Riku.
Evangelion Tutorial By hanzel2m
Q Style By Q_Man - Outcome -
Mars Volta Stock Tutorial By Trapezium
From The Light - Stock Smudging By Mercenary - Outcome -
.hack Tag Tutorial By A90 - Outcome -
Flowing Signature Tutorial By Vo1ture
Full Smudge Sig Tut By A90 - Outcome -
Lips Stock Tut By Brooklyn Hype
Mindless Self Indulgence Stock Tut By Brooklyn Hype
Auqa Smudge Tut By Phyro_gp
How To Make Grunge Banners By Kytayle
Halo Tutorial By Furicuri55 - Outcome -
Defaults Signature Tutorial By Fatal Edge - Outcome -
Signature Tutorial (Brush) By Killtacular454
Metal Gear Solid Sig Tut By boudey
Green Day Tag Tut By AwacsSkyeye
Full Tech Sig Tut By Havok - Outcome -
Misty Backdrop Sig Tutorial By Fatal Edge - Outcome -
C4d Signature Tut By Riku.
Photo Manip Tut By The_Darkness - Outcome -
Brushwork Signature By codyx
Sunrise Tut By Brooklyn Hype
.buck Tag Tutorial By A90
Grungtastic Sig Tutorial By Bullet - Outcome -
C4d Style Tut By sponge - Outcome -
Grunge Sig Tut By The_Darkness - Outcome -
Fall Out Boy Stock Tut By Brooklyn Hype
Smudge Sig Tut By -Alisha- - Outcome -
Simple And Shiny Signature Tutorial By Flygon
C4d Tut By The_Darkness - Outcome -
Grunge Tut By krisple - Outcome -
Venom Signaure Tut! By The_Darkness - Outcome -
Dark Wolf's Electric Tut! By Dark Wolf
Pixelised Cross Effect By Mickster - Outcome -
Gun Girl Sig Tut By .hacked
Sprite Tag Tutorial By Rubidox
Abstract Background Flow By MistyMighty82 - Outcome -
Brushless Grunge By Bullet
Pixel Grunge By jJmF1226
Cutout Sig By a saurus1 - Outcome -
Musik Stock Tut By The_Darkness
Paint Splash/vector Sig By frank34443
Freefalling Stock Tut By .Essence
Creative Signature Tutorial By Man of Valor
Cloud and Grid Signature Tut By gamer_freak777
Tech Sig Tut By SPANKY - Outcome -
Mgs4 Stock Tut By A90 - Outcome -
C4D Sig Tut By rm4
Gradient and C4D Sig Tut By treadkiler - Outcome -

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Posted 01 March 2007 - 03:48 PM

Full Signature

Rukia C4D and Filters Sig Tut By curly haired boy
Brand Name Jeans Tutorial By curly haired boy
Monster Grunge By getfirefox
Flowing Sig Tut By jJmF1226
Sky || Fall || Stock Tag Tut By niteflite
Ninja In Autumn Sig Tutorial By curly haired boy
Zelda Flow Sig Tut By jJmF1226
Stock Tag Tut By Lowfire
Stock Tag Tut By niteflite
Full Shadow Sig Tutorial By Repsa_Jih
Bleach Stock Tag Tut By niteflite
C4d Smudge Tut By monkey_360 - Outcome -
Logo Sig Tut By Bobotron - Outcome -
Flame Sig By sadaf - Outcome -
Defaults Explosion Sig Tutorial By Fatal Edge - Outcome -
Coloured Stock Tut By Phyro_gp
Halo 3 Sig Tut. By STH01
Stock Tag Tut By LeftRightBack
Fractal Signature Tutorial By getfirefox
Samus Rounded Sig Tut By Xbox_gamer_12
Wolfman Tut By AwacsSkyeye
Bleach Stock Tag Tut By Link 412
Grungish Sig Tut By MistyMighty82
Afro Samurai Tut By STH01
Displace Sig Tutorial By X_darkness - Outcome -
Desaturated Vector Sig Tut By jJmF1226
Stock Tag Tut By Lowfire
Monkey Island Stock Sig Tut By SwampLord
"Still Life" Tut By sydney - Outcome -
Flow Tut By nip
Megaman Scanline Sig Tut By ^Eragon^
Sasuke Tag Tut By frank34443
Lonely Road Stock Tut By Phyro_gp
Temptress Stock Sig Tutorial By Kook
Simple Depth Stock Tag By Brooklyn Hype
Dispalce Tag Tut By frank34443
Halo Stock Tutorial By FroznReign
Oddworld Tutorial By Shadow Tyrant
Grunge GoW Sig By krisple
Glowing Sig Tutorial (Video) By RJ Fighter - Outcome -
Toad Smudge and Filters Sig Tut By jJmF1226
Pixel Stretch and Liquid Effect Sig By Mickster
Abstract Stock Manip Tag Tut By Lowfire - Outcome -
Sprite Tag Tutorial By Fl4m3d_Sky
Spidey Stock Tag Tut By AwacsSkyeye
Comic Book Illusion Text Sig Tut By pickleman77 - Outcome -
C4D and filter Sig Tut By _Kenn_
Panel Page Tag Tut Ni-Juu
Motion Blur Tutorial By link348
Smudging/c4d Tutorial By Fading Evil - Outcome -
Brush and Filters Sig Tut By Fatal Edge - Outcome -
Halo Tag Tut By AwacsSkyeye
Pixel Stretch Tut By Dark Wolf
Boxy Background Sig Tut By Nebakenezzer - Outcome -
Pani Pomi Dash Stock Tut By Brooklyn Hype
Enguarde! Underwater Signature Tutorial By TheKoopaBros. - Outcome -
C4D and Filters Sig Tut By jJmF1226
Shana Stock Tutorial By Aaliyah
Halo Sig Tut By Bacon - Outcome -
Carnage Filters Sig Tutorial By ozzytheairhead - Outcome -
No Brushes Sig Tutorial By MiKeMiTchi
Abstract Background Sig Tutorial By Super Knight - Outcome -
Naruto Brushed Background Sig Tut By Demon_Gaara
Stock Tutorial By MistyMighty82
Vector Sig Tutorial By curly haired boy
Ruined City Stock Sig By PowerPunch
Brushless Sig Tutorial By curly haired boy
Splatter/vector Sig Tutorial By curly haired boy
Pop-out Sig Tutorial By curly haired boy
Gears Tut By endejas
Kirby Splash By Afrochicken14 - Outcome -
Nsider Sig Tut By bunnyboy2
Mewtwo Tag Tutorial By BruceLee
Select To Mask Sig By Istarlome - Outcome -
Ryu Tag Tut By frank34443
Swamplord's Stock Tutorial By SwampLord
Iori Sprite Tutorial By STH01
Koolstr's Sig Tut (Filters and Tools) By Koolstr
Fractal BG Sig By eL eRiC
Basic Blur Tut By Raiths - Outcome -
Gradient Base Sig Tut By Nightshadow1313 - Outcome -
Vector Lines Sig Tut By Narcotic Thrust
Motion BG Sig Tut By Istarlome - Outcome -
Brushing Sig Tut By Undra
Aaliyah's Stock Tut By Aaliyah
Ermine's Sprite Tag Tutorial By Ermine
Fire Destruction Sig By Super Knight
American Sig Tut By +-HaWk-+
Brush and Dots Sig Tut By Alz - Outcome -
Brushless Paint Brush Texture Sig By Geocillin - Outcome -
Cm Punk Tutorial By Dtd093
Newbie Sig Tutorial By racertj5 - Outcome -
Ninja Sig Tut By frank34443
Lineage Tut By STH01
Kamngir Sprite Tag Tutorial By Fl4m3d_Sky
Pokemon Sprite Tag! By SoldierofGondor
Billy Talent Stock Tutorial By frank34443
Lowfire Dream Tutorial With Defaults By Lowfire - Outcome -
Falling Tutorial By Jethro
Stock Signautre Tutorial By Vocal.
Stock Tut By Pittfanatic - Outcome -
Superman Tut By Kingluffy
Bleach Tut By The-Witch-King
Easy But Nice Sig Tut By Blaze - Outcome -
Pain Tutorial By CBG
Project H.a.m.m.e.r. Tut By greentunic
Warcraft Displacement Tutorial. By _Kenn_
Gaara Tut By PhoenixSlash
_-~-full Brushed-signature Tut-~-_ By spikeyhairedkid - Outcome -
Okami Tut By Piu
Gungrave Tut! By Fl4m3d_Sky
Final Fantasy Tutorial By STH01
~afro Tut~ By Riku.
Efx Sig Tut! By BigBad - Outcome -
Simple Car Sig By Plomos - Outcome -
Beginner Signature Tutorial By twoppal
Incognito Tutorial By LEGOslayer - Outcome -
Android Sig Tut By Lonely Road
Naruto Tag Tut By Bluwizdom
It's A Stock Sig By Fatal Edge - Outcome -
Raw Power Tutorial By Lowfire
My 1st Easy Tut By 5uthix - Outcome -
Druid Signature Tutorial By RJ Fighter
Needs More Lens Flares! By Fatal Edge - Outcome -
Full Sig Tut By ChaosSlayer - Outcome -
Gears Of War Sig Tut By pickleman77 - Outcome -
Smudge Style Tut. By curly haired boy
My First Tut For Newbies By harrychris - Outcome -
Gunz Tut By AliNaqi
My First Tutorial By Iron_wing - Outcome -
Listen Tut By LSUkid


Making Backgrounds In Seconds! (Gradients) By Raven
Zebra Stripe Background By Lyte
Funny Metal Background By Blinkz - Outcome -
Grungy Pattern-no Brushing Required By Fiver - Outcome -
Plasma Cloud Swirl By mlv - Outcome -
Making Grunge In 5 Steps By Decayedzombie - Outcome -
Circuit Pipe By Dragon Lord - Outcome -
Cubist Backround Tut By takkun987 - Outcome -
Creating A Realistic Space Scene--part 1 By Dome6656 - Outcome -
Simple Bg Tut By Phoenix - Outcome -
Sharp Whirl Background By hp22 - Outcome -
How To Make A Cracked Ice Background By Pootmister
Crystal Background Tutorial By TheKoopaBros. - Outcome -
Oily Texture/background By gowness - Outcome -
Grunge Style Backgrounds Without Brushes By kward1979uk - Outcome -
Brushless Soft Grunge By Drago - Outcome -
Brushed Background By roaddogg - Outcome -
Very Easy Techy Circuit By philFX - Outcome -
Mechanical Texture By Prowler - Outcome -
Golden Background By daoo - Outcome -
Curly's Brushless Sig Foundation Tutorial! By curly haired boy - Outcome -
Abstract Background By hanner - Outcome -
Easy Pixel Banner By groog - Outcome -
Texture: Mix Your Own Asphalt By MJF - Outcome -
Cool Backround For Newbies To Make By Vortagern
Textured Background By MotoXguy - Outcome -
The Flexible Pixel Stretch Technique By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Creating Backgrounds (Video Tutorial - German Language) By - Outcome -
Swirly Backgrounds By Lyra - Outcome -
Swirly Background By Lyra - Outcome -
The Stone Path By Animalese - Outcome -
Explosion Tut By flyingcheetah - Outcome -
Mudflat Tut By nicman000 - Outcome -
Weird Rainbow-y Plastic-y Tech-y Background By Lyra - Outcome -
Gradient Difference Background By Rathman55 - Outcome -
Nice Random Magma Effect By Dragon Reborn - Outcome -
Cool Grungy Multi-purpose Background! By ryvkah
Crystal Background By BR7
Sparkle Grid Background By stefcho_94 - Outcome -
Cool Techno Background By KriToN - Outcome -
Cool Easy Background By Flying Penguin - Outcome -
Shine Background By
Shadow Tyrant
- Outcome -
Cow Pattern By JBB - Outcome -
Soft Grunge Background By droz928 - Outcome -
Simple 1 Brush Background By SS4Sith - Outcome -
Supernova Background Tut By danjo92 - Outcome -
Tech Effect By Revan - Outcome -
Sparkle Grunge Background By AZwhoopr - Outcome -
Mud Type Thing By Lyra
Fire Background By AZwhoopr - Outcome -
Tech/blur Tutorial By Fallon - Outcome -
Brushed Background By skullfire1002 - Outcome -
Abstract By AwacsSkyeye
Brushed Background Tut By MotoXguy - Outcome -
Newbie Swirly Backgrounds By Sweet_kitty22 - Outcome -
Newbie Swirls Glass Tile Background By Sweet_kitty22 - Outcome -
Squished Bubbles Tutorial By JBB - Outcome -
Abstract Background By Sweet_kitty22 - Outcome -
Brushing and Generic Filter Background By stanstan009 - Outcome -
Chocolate By Nielssonnich - Outcome -
Water Reflection Effect By Nielssonnich - Outcome -
Abstract Glassy Stones Tutorial By Lowfire - Outcome -
Vectorish Background By The Pipper - Outcome -
Germ/tech Tutorial By Jcfc
Circuit Grid By Luke
Valleys And Deserts By a saurus1 Outcome: -1- -2-
Realistic Water Effect By spook - Outcome -
Cloth-look By Shadow_Link_92 - Outcome -
Swirly Background By Fiver - Outcome -
Grunge Pattern By a saurus1 - Outcome -
Strange Pattern By thegimperofpie - Outcome -
Night Sky Tutorial By ham
Brushless Background Tutorial By Fatal Edge - Outcome -
Tech Sig Bg Tut By Swancheez - Outcome -
Grunge + Pixel Sig Background By Super_Sonic - Outcome -
Fractal Backgrounds By getfirefox
Simple Sig Background By frank34443
Webby By Sweet_kitty22 - Outcome -
Abstract Background By meb111 - Outcome -
Awesome Background Tutorial By Lava Golem - Outcome -

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Posted 01 March 2007 - 04:22 PM


Sig Text Tut. By MikeyMike01 - Outcome -
Chome Text By gigatwo
Adding A Gradient To Text By BlackWallStreetPlaya
Liquid Text By swmiller6
Distorted Metallic Text By Bio_Nerd
Make Metal-looking Text In Gimp By Darlyn
Bubble Text By SPANKY
Glass Text By Monkey - Outcome -
Quick Easy 3d-ish Text By NateDog77 - Outcome -
Create Cool Outlined Text By d3c0y2
Gimp Text Effects By Luke
1 Px Border Around Pixel Font By Raven
Multi-coloring Text! By Sado
White Glow By sparky_is_a_monster - Outcome -
Text Tips By BR7
Text Blending Method By gigatwo
Colorful Text With Gimp By belbv123 - Outcome -
Icy Text (Portuguese Language Tut) (English Language Version) By _EnCoStO_
Text Glow By Nublear
Carved Text By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Spicing Up Your Text: Drop-shadows By MJF - Outcome -
Welded/cast Metal Text By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Black Glass Text By 123@
Tutorial: Alternate Blend Text By ryujijitei
Word Highlight By Kavukamari - Outcome -
Bordered Text By Like__Woah
3d Like Text On A Reflective Floor By ryanlerch - Outcome -
Text Glow Blend By Ermine - Outcome -
Drop Shadow Text Tut By Buket-Head
Text Bars By MotoXguy
Gradient Glow On Text By DRArtist809 - Outcome -
Icy Text Tutorial By StrictlyBiznez - Outcome -
Reflect Text By Shadow Tyrant - Outcome -
Easy Text Outline By RIKaSHaY7486 - Outcome -
Create Pop-out Shiny Text By buzz1170 - Outcome -
Icy Text By Darkshadow03 - Outcome -
How To Add A Border To Your Text By Shadow Tyrant - Outcome -
Text Gradient By Knickers
Light Burst Effect By a579 - Outcome -
Text Manip Tutorial By Repsa_Jih - Outcome -
Pulsating Red Animation By Parrappa - Outcome -
Faded Text In Background By Matand009 - Outcome -
Outer Glow On Text By Cantor
Gooey Text Tutorial By Prowler
Glossy Text By kward1979uk - Outcome -
Overlap Text Tut By BR7 - Outcome -
Glowing Text By denegibson
Alien Glow Border By Darillian - Outcome -
Overlay Text Tutorial By shadyking1130
Text Tutorial By Sirk
Text Blend Tutorial By NinjAce_
Text Fill Tutorial By Jenn22291 - Outcome -
Transparent Text Tutorial By Joe - Outcome -
Reflection Tutorial By Koolstr
Beveled Text By Ali Imran - Outcome -
Viny Text By a saurus1 - Outcome -
Fancy Text By CoolGimprSms - Outcome -
Outline Your Text Easy And Quick! By infernalice
Text Effects By ZiP
Glitter Text By Monkey - Outcome -
How To Outline Text By frank34443
Neon Glowing Text By GodOfTheRedMoon
Modern Text By coreper - Outcome -
Black Glass Text By kalashnikov - Outcome -
Text Effect Tutorial By Fabozi - Outcome -
Animated/moving/blinking Text By T3RR0R - Outcome -
Gradient Text with Pixel Background By jais-webs - Outcome -
3d Looking Outlined Text By Fabozi - Outcome -
Text Within Text By Jaboi
Gradient Text! By Pixkid - Outcome -
Glass Text (Brazilian Portuguese) By _EnCoStO_
Outline Only Text By DSi - Outcome -
Sunken Text By firetongue - Outcome -
Neon Inscription By michuk - Outcome -
Glowing Text By DSi - Outcome -

Avatars and Userbars

Userbar Making By DirtyJersian - Outcome -
Barsig Tut By harkaan
Earth Avvy By booler - Outcome -
Avatars Tutorial By Soller Grove - Outcome -
How To Create A User Bar V.2 By 360 - Outcome -
Kirby Userbar By Mercenary
Silent Hill Avatar Tut By ajm113
Userbar Tutorial By Phyro_gp
Sakura Avatar Tut By rm4 - Outcome -
Animated Avatar By DRArtist809 - Outcome -
Flying Through Space Avatar By FullMetalEnvy
Riza Hawkeye Avatar Tut By Jeigan - Outcome -
Animate Your Userbars By getfirefox - Outcome -
Userbar Tutorial By Flame142 - Outcome -
Userbar Tutorial By Flame142 - Outcome -
Avatar Indent By King of Bandits
Quick Technique For Making Avatars By newt - Outcome -
Spirit Avatar By coreper - Outcome -
Neopets Style Avy By ^Eragon^ - Outcome -
Color Manga Avatar By Somnus


Interweave You Sig's Border By curly haired boy
Borders Borders Everywhere By Gerynar - Outcome -
Grungy Border By Kasami - Outcome -
Simple White Border By GIMPer4life - Outcome -
A Nice Shaded Border. By JBB
Border Bevel By Rob 3.0
Easy Overlayed Border By Parrappa - Outcome -
Easy Rounded Border Tutorial By Cartor - Outcome -
Blur-border Tut By moongirly199 - Outcome -
Border By shorties rock - Outcome -
Fancy Border By ^Eragon^ - Outcome -

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Posted 01 March 2007 - 04:23 PM


Animated Flashing Background By spiritshinobi
Flag Animation By gamer_freak777
Snow Animation With Gap By Eleanora - Outcome -
Gap Tutorial By swmiller6
Motion Blurred Animation By Vercades - Outcome -
Animated Userbar, Sig, Or Avatar By Sado - Outcome -
Shifty Text By Koops12 - Outcome -
Making High-quality Animations By ulillillia - Outcome -
Simple And Pattern Progress Bar Using Gimp And Gap By zerocool - Outcome -
Animated Scan Bar By FunkyFloyd - Outcome -
Flash Text Animation Tutorial Using Gap By fencepost - Outcome -
Progressive Destruction By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Animated Face Tut By herocks - Outcome -
Full Rain Tutorial By Cartor - Outcome -
Opening Flower By Gargoyle - Outcome -
How To Get A Racoon Into A Washing Machine By Eleanora
Gap Selection Handling By ccbarr - Outcome -
Animating Sprites By cookies - Outcome -
Easy Animated Sig By biggulp - Outcome -
Simple Sprite Animation Tutorial By TheKoopaBros. - Outcome -
Animated Rain Hitting Object By posiden5665 - Outcome -
A Shaking Effect By Element - Outcome -
Fading Transition Sig By King of Bandits - Outcome -
Falling Snow Effect By Killtacular454 - Outcome -
Yin-Yang Animation Tut (Part Video Tut) By why_u_die - Outcome -
Zoom In. By drhalo - Outcome -
Color Changing Background Tutorial. By codyx - Outcome -
Repeating Background Tutorial By Afrochicken14 - Outcome -
Avatar That Changes Color By shadowsora15 - Outcome -
Flashing LED By grimR
Make Moving Fire - GAP By ash44455666 - Outcome -
Dripping Blood Text Effect By Darkburger

Making Brushes

Simple Brush Creation By topher
How To Make Good Abstract Brushes By Tkill - Outcome -
Grunge Brush Tut By StormGuard
Brush Tut. By StormGuard
Making Grunge Brushes By ZiP - Outcome -
Making Brushes From Images! By 3turnern
How To Make Wractal Brushes By Watup
Make A Grunge Brush By ubik - Outcome -
Making Grunge Brushes By Watup - Outcome -
Make Your Own Grunge Brushes... By jc987 - Outcome -
Swirly Brush Tutorial. By Tomonori
Make Grunge Brushes By denegibson - Outcome -
Make Displaced Brushes By Phyro_gp
Making Your Own Tag Brush By getfirefox - Outcome -
Quick And Painless Custom Brushes By newt - Outcome -


Photomanipulation #2 By Decayedzombie - Outcome -
Abstract Water Tutorial By hanner - Outcome -
Golden Lada By JapJap - Outcome -
Modding Dirtbikes By MotoXguy - Outcome -
Newspaper Tutorial By bufar - Outcome -
My Photomanip Tutorial By mrchefchris
Old Photo Tutorial By Prowler - Outcome -
Create An Hollywood Like Picture!! By Thrillerbabe - Outcome -
Kitty Manipulation By Maylean_call - Outcome -
Paint Effect Tutorial By megadyptes - Outcome -
Easy Dreamy Painting Stock Manip Tutorial! By sydney
Windows Wallpaper Manip Tutorial By Furicuri55 - Outcome -
Simple Photo Manip By Neil - Outcome -

Web Layouts and Buttons

Dark Button By LayaliDesigns
Glossy Website Template By Bio_Nerd - Outcome -
Simple Buttons By ccbarr - Outcome -
Making A Simple Website Layout By neopetaddictor - Outcome -
Profesional Looking Navigation Bar By groog - Outcome -
Creating Shiny Buttons In The Gimp By Hubbabub - Outcome -
Button Tuorial By Major Sev - Outcome -
Aqua Grey Button By caminoix - Outcome -
Button Tutorial By MattGIMP
Webiste Button Tutorial By getfirefox - Outcome -
Text Button By Sweet_kitty22 - Outcome -
Plastic Button By Bio_Nerd - Outcome -
Sleek Buttons By Bemmu - Outcome -
Super Easy Round Button By Darkburger
Modern Toolbar By coreper - Outcome -

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Posted 03 March 2007 - 12:40 PM

How to make...

Steel Cable...sort Of By ClayOgre - Outcome -
How To Make Alien Goop By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Comic Talk Bubbles By saithan - Outcome -
Parchment Paper By tobbit14 - Outcome -
Cool Sky Effect... By zisme - Outcome -
Create Realistic Water With Ease! By g0ldElite - Outcome -
Watery Effect By SPANKY - Outcome -
Emoticon Tut By SPANKY
Basic Orb By Bio_Nerd
Lava Trybal Symbol By Dragon Lord
Creating Flowers By Kasami - Outcome -
Flames By Luke
Fire Tutorial By Kazai
How To Make A Cell In Gimp By soten355 - Outcome -
Make Some Light Strands By jc987 - Outcome -
Rendering Realistic Flames In Gimp! By Vercades - Outcome -
Creating Realistic Lava By Watup
Creating A Polaroid By HomerG
Easy Fire Creation By Ti-Louis - Outcome -
Carbon-fiber Pattern By Kronos - Outcome -
How To Make A Biohazard Symbol By ClayOgre - Outcome -
How To Make A Radiation Hazard Symbol By ClayOgre - Outcome -
How To Make A Toxic Waste Bin Easily! By GIMP~kid - Outcome -
Evil Eyeball By GIMP~kid
Rusty Cog Tutorial By el puerco - Outcome -
Aurora Borealis By caminoix - Outcome -
Poot's Lcd Orb Tutorial By Pootmister - Outcome -
Object In Water By Eleanora - Outcome -
How To Make A Cool Water Effect. By Swampster - Outcome -
Cartoon Picture. By ZiP - Outcome -
Make A Post-it Note! By badassfeline
Glowing Globes By Vortagern - Outcome -
Metallic Object Tutorial By TourqeGlare - Outcome -
Grid Globe Thingy By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Painting With Gimp (3 Hand Made Layer Tecnique ) By chojin - Outcome -
Jawbreaker By flyingcheetah
Make Simple C4d-like Images With The Gimp. By mangadude5760
Pixel Heads Tutorial By Gunther - Outcome -
Sheet Of Heavily Rusted Metal By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Creating A Planet (PS Plugins Required) By newt
How To Draw A Penguin (Video Tutorial - German Language) By - Outcome -
Glass Content Box By mentalmagic - Outcome -
Mechanical Iris Tute By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Create Lines And Rivets On Metal By MJF - Outcome -
Simple Tech Style Icon By cgwyllie - Outcome -
Light Saber Tutorial By frank34443 - Outcome -
Moon Sky Tut By Vortagern
Smiley Face Tutorial By GIMP Galore - Outcome -
Create A Flat Panel Lcd By MJF - Outcome -
Emoticon Tut By sydney - Outcome -
Squisky Tutorial By Kelxz
Penguin By Amandeep1 - Outcome -
Crumpled Paper By sonmica - Outcome -
Orb Tutorial By Cantor
How To Make A Yin-yang Symbol By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Newbie Swirly Pattern Spheres By Sweet_kitty22 - Outcome -
Easy Way To Make Planets & Moons By spaced
Great Fire Effect By Lowfire - Outcome -
Caged Skull Tut By Gargoyle - Outcome -
Globe Tutorial By Jamals2fat
Antialias/roundcorner/customshape Tut By newt
Creating Your Own Mp3 Player Skin By Dark Aurora - Outcome -
Make A (semi) Realistic Globe By ShadowOnTheSun17
How To Create Your Own Little Planet By fotocomics - Outcome -
Making Cables By newt - Outcome -
Pixel Tutorials By groog
Making Of Irises By ClayOgre - Outcome -
Character Drawing By Pig_catapult - Outcome -
Planet Tutorial By El Butler - Outcome -
Designing With Gradients By newt - Outcome -
Abstract "c4d" Tutorial By Flying Penguin - Outcome -
Pixel Sprite Turorial By Repsa_Jih - Outcome -
Working With Paths, Creating Objects, And Refining Them By newt - Outcome -
Ultimate Eyes In Gimp By newt - Outcome -
Scrap Of Paper By purplegreendave - Outcome -
Create A Bead Of Water By Jackal54
Realistic Clouds By angusfk
Create Water or Green Plasma By listenR Outcomes: -1- -2-
Old Burned Parchment By Significant_Other - Outcome -
My Way To Create Lightsabers By DMXell - Outcome -

Effects and Enhancements

Script-fuifying An Image By noclayto
Smoothing By Omega
Photo-to-cartoon Tut By sandman85048
Enhancing The Texture By Herumtreiber
Colouring In With Motion Blur By Buket-Head
Texture Blending A Render By Herumtreiber
Pixel Effect By The Pipper
Colorize A Monkey Using Paths By Eleanora - Outcome -
A Way To Make A Fissure/lightning By Trogdor
Removing Color Cast By swmiller6
Image Enhancing. By Samurai - Outcome -
Make Your Gimp Do Sparkles By neopetaddictor - Outcome -
Pixelise Parts Of An Image By ShadowChild
Matching Render And Background Colours By damF - Outcome -
Lazy Man's Scanlines By Prowler
Easy Bg Blending By gamer_freak777
Scanlines And Grid By teragonto
Render Effects For Newbs By shismspikes51 - Outcome -
Applying Transparency By Chocolate570 - Outcome -
Colour Your Rain Effect By brandon - Outcome -
Action Lines By GIMP~kid
Simple And Quick Explosion Effect By Terry16389 - Outcome -
Hot Iron By Katiesman - Outcome -
Scanline Tut By Mance - Outcome -
Put Flame In By BR7 - Outcome -
Make Pics Look Like Paintings By GIMP~kid
The Art Of Inking By simon - Outcome -
Make A Picture With A Warhol-esque Touch By elgie - Outcome -
Bullet Holes By Headhunter - Outcome -
Quicksilver By Fiver - Outcome -
Beautify A Render By Vitto - Outcome -
Pixelated Sig/pic Tutorial By jerryandxu - Outcome -
Patterns Tutorial By Redwire
Blending By Q_Man
Full Flame Tut By sk8brder40
Make Your Planets Better By Adding Stars By hp22 - Outcome -
How To Make Your Own Glitterfills By badassfeline
Older Than The Old-photo Script-fu By Nephric - Outcome -
Depth & Contrasting By droz928 - Outcome -
Quilted Image Tutorial By PhotoMaster - Outcome -
Rendering An Image Using Paths By Kazai
Blending & Lighting By altrikdout21
Creating Glow By sadaf - Outcome -
Cutting Out Renders By Blur11
Make Your Image Look Wintery By dragonballjoseph
Video Signature Tutorial By altrikdout21
Using A Mask To Remove Backgrounds By omniuni
Dealing With Sketches By omniuni
Making Your Sig Darker By Watup
Round Corners! By - Outcome -
Elevate And Blend Text/brushes/selections By booler
Coloring Backgrounds (Video Tut - German Language) By
iPod Ad Silhouette By xmythic - Outcome -
Blending Renders... By insane_gimpy
Missing Line Pixel Backgrounds By Gandalf2349 - Outcome -
Hologram :: Tutorial By bile - Outcome -
Black And White Images With A Splash Of Color By BR7 - Outcome -
Coloring Tutorial By Skywise
Cool Optical Illusion By Zacko - Outcome -
Adding Blood By Aki_Otaku - Outcome -
Inset Lines By MattGIMP
Create Storm Clouds By the_cheddar - Outcome -
Broken Glass By Rimshot
Hi-tech Sniper Rifle View By Karaidon - Outcome -
Engraving By Kavukamari - Outcome -
Robotic Kinda Computer Interface By Karaidon - Outcome -
How To Change Eye Colour By badassfeline - Outcome -
Guide To Drop Shadows By .hacked
Blend You Renders! By ydnawel
Interesting Twists On Solar Flare By Gandalf2349 - Outcome -
Darkened Render By Jansun - Outcome -
Pop Art Knockoff By Gunther - Outcome -
Lighting Tips By Flying Penguin - Outcome -
Night Vision By bile
Scanline Tut By Skywise
Pop Out Render By Rathman55 - Outcome -
Starship Energy Shield Tut By Quad
Vector Line Tut By Phyro_gp
Fading Line Tutorial By Cantor
iPod Ad Silhouette By flyingcheetah - Outcome -
Adding Gloss By Cantor
Quick Rendering - Single Colour Backgrounds By malick - Outcome -
Blending Two Images Together By neopetaddictor - Outcome -
Rain Splash Tutorial By Buket-Head - Outcome -
Metallic Effect By Eleanora - Outcome -
Perspective Sig By jbrown101st - Outcome -
Making and Using Scanlines By getfirefox - Outcome -
Snow By Shockdrop - Outcome -
Bubble Tut By busta
Star Field By Technaut
Newbie Colour Overlay By Sweet_kitty22 - Outcome -
Make A Image Look Old By PatrickBB - Outcome -
Graphic Flare Technique By Shaehl - Outcome -
Lightning (Video Tut) By Enselic - Outcome -
Path Swirls Tutorial By bourne - Outcome -
Bullet Hole Tut By AwacsSkyeye - Outcome -
Multi - Coloring Your Sig By droz928 - Outcome -
Scanlines By Luke
How to make a ufo hoax By Mattador701 - Outcome -
Colouring Tutorial By hanzel2m
Light For Newbies By Repsa_Jih - Outcome -
Lightning! By Shadow Tyrant - Outcome -
Colour Adjustments By Lowfire - Outcome -
Magic Eye By codyhtml
Mosaic Tutorial By turtlemunky - Outcome -
Gradient Difference Pattern By Luke - Outcome -
Rendering Flame Tutorial By Horgrathi
Focusing In On Images By gigatwo - Outcome -
Turn a Photo into a Sketch By bile - Outcome -
Easy Blending Method By Skywise
Render Effectz By monotone - Outcome -
Falling Fire Balls By vermtek
Sparks Flames Tut By Sanchez - Outcome -
Putting Two Pictures Together By LunarFlame - Outcome -
Making Cartoons From Photographs By punksnowboarder - Outcome -
Pop Out Signature Tutorial By getfirefox - Outcome -
Semi-easy Tape By Kavukamari - Outcome -
Grungy Effect By ThisIsZen - Outcome -
Super Ultimately Easy Smoke By Kavukamari - Outcome -
The Vault Of Secrets By curly haired boy
Make Ipod Buddy. By ChaosSlayer - Outcome -
Dots Effect By coreper - Outcome -
Make Translucent Tape By denegibson - Outcome -
Elements In A Tag By Furicuri55
Sprite Sign Tutorial By Afrochicken14 - Outcome -
Rippling Lake (Download Video Tut) By dark2x3d - Outcome -
Adding A Shadow To Your Render By Kaori Angel - Outcome -
Rippled Wave Pattern By Sweet_kitty22 - Outcome -
Crosshair Effect By Cheezitz - Outcome -
Sketched Look By tokotu
Tv And Mobile Phone Effect By Sweet_kitty22 Outcomes: - 1 - - 2 -
Sig Effects Tut By Super Knight
Sig Techniques By Spammy Sq
Clipping Mask Tutorial By Fl4m3d_Sky
Lighting Method By stefcho_94
Easy Sparks, Vine, Sand Dune etc By Pittfanatic - Outcome -
How To Remove Extra Shadow From Your 3d Renders By ^Eragon^
Diminishing Block Concept By pandamaja
Add A Dreamy Look To Your Pics... By Sweet_kitty22 - Outcome -
Clipping Mask Tutorial By cheltzey
Lightsabers By Zaos - Outcome -
My Paths Tooling Revelaed By frank34443
Use The Clone Tool To Reveal Colour From A Black And White Copy By wbool63 - Outcome -
Making An Image Appear Scanned By Bemmu - Outcome -
How To Create Fake Billboards By Bemmu - Outcome -
Enhance Skin On Speckled Photos By stuporglue - Outcome -
Scanlines Effect Using Wind Filter By YioYin - Outcome -
Lightning Tutorial By Jek
Gimp Fur Painting Tutorial By pspynett
Smoke Effect By Darkburger
Candle Type Flame By Tunnle Lord0
Lava By Iron_wing - Outcome -
iPod video tut By Tunnle Lord0 - Outcome -

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Posted 05 March 2007 - 06:25 PM


Linux Guide By ^Eragon^
Quickly "sign" Your Artwork By sonmica
Remove Font Hang By Noble
Idea About Brush Management By droz928
Basic Tool Knowledge By SPANKY
Transform Tools By swmiller6
Tools And Tabs Options By swmiller6
How To Quickly Render A Image By Pootmister
Learning The Basics By Phil 999
Very Quick Rendering By Bio_Terra
Simple Divider Tutorial By JeppeJan - Outcome -
Gimp In Linux: Getting The "basics" In By regix
Forum Banner By stefcho_94 - Outcome -
Alternate To Using C4ds By DFstewie
Smudge/scatter Brushing In Gimp By fencepost
Ps Filter Workaround In Gimp By fencepost
A Very Little Tut. By herocks
Tip - Custom Gimpressionist Brushes By Blazeboy
Creating Your Own Anti-rip Pattern By droz928 - Outcome -
Getting Fonts For Gimp By teragonto
Layer Masking By Trapezium
Desktop Icons For Windows By sydney
Ripple Effect By Trapezium
Colour Theory By tukimoshi
Easy Portfolio Tut By GetJuiced
Replicate The Ps Spatter Filter/effect By gp1 - Outcome -
Advices Various
Adjustment Layers Tut By hanzel2m
Tips & Hints On How To Convert Ps Tut's To Gimp By cooliodogs1
Pattern Clone Tool (Animated Tut) By Sweet_kitty22
Installing Scripts And Gradients By droz928
Basic Mask Blending By Lowfire - Outcome -
Tutorial On Making A Tutorial By getfirefox
Basics Of Masking In Gimp By codebox
Security Marking Your Images By denegibson - Outcome -
Fix Dll errros on load for Gimp 2.3.x with Windows By Matand009
Maintitle Tutorial By Spriter
Defreezing Gimp - Quick Tips - By fotocomics
Selection Tools By dom_gold
Ipod Wallpaper Tutorial By PowerPunch - Outcome -
Make A Blog By ^Eragon^
To Draw A Straight Line By GimpTalk_User
Clipmasking in Gimp By Phyro_gp
Vector Lessons Tut Part One. By B12
Quick Tip - Linking Layers, Paths & Channels By ClayOgre
Path Tooling For Noobies By Flying Penguin

External Resources

Online Gimp Book - Groking The Gimp By Ali Imran
Official Tutorial Library By Ali Imran
Gimp 2.2 Border Tutorial By Hubbabub
Color Theory Links By noclayto
Gimp Tutorials At Deviantart By Hubbabub
Online Gimp Book And Some Tutorials By Railrider1920
German Tutorials By Eleanora
A Lot Of Gimp Tutorials By Ali Imran
My Gimp Tutorials By alienfrommars
Many Quality Gimp Tutorials By Ali Imran
Some Tuts From A Friend Of Mine By Daniel Primed
Gimp Tutorials By jasononline
Tut Site!!! By NateDog77
Five Tutorials By Eugenio
More Mixed Tutorials By Ali Imran
Sierra' Tutorials. By Gargoyle
Coloring Tutorial By marshman998

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Posted 06 March 2007 - 10:46 PM

Last Updated: 01/07/2007

Thanks to cooliodogs1 for helping to compile part of this list.

OK, that should just about cover it for now. If your tutorial is not listed here then it was likely one of the numerous tutorials I came across that were broken (mainly for those single image tuts or external links that are no longer hosted). These broken tuts were removed from this forum and placed in the Old Topics forum. If you want the tut returned here you must rehost the tutorial and contact a moderator with a link to your editted tut (feel free to remove my comment when you fix your tut). It is easy enough to locate your own tutorials through the "View topics started by..." link in your own profile.

With that said, hopefully you'll find this of use. Now excuse me while I go collapse in a corner somewhere.


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Posted 06 March 2007 - 11:01 PM


With that said, hopefully you'll find this of use. Now excuse me while I go collapse in a corner somewhere.

Mmmmsooo.... Did you have fun >.> Lol I'm just kidding. It must've taken quite a few days, judging from the time of your posts :o: Much appreciated IP <3 <3

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Posted 07 March 2007 - 04:23 AM


With that said, hopefully you'll find this of use. Now excuse me while I go collapse in a corner somewhere.

:o: This must have taken you eons and ages. Thank you, IP! I'm sure this will be very helpful to everyone. :h: BTW, glad to see mine up there, too. ^_^
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Posted 07 March 2007 - 06:30 PM


This is extremely impressive work! And so useful! Thanks a lot IP!

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Posted 07 March 2007 - 07:38 PM

You Rock!!! Thank you so much. This saves me going thru 30 pages of tuts which takes hours!

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Posted 08 March 2007 - 03:50 AM

Thanks so much IP. I located quite a few of my tuts. :w:
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Posted 10 March 2007 - 07:36 AM

very nice, thank you
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Posted 15 March 2007 - 01:35 AM

Wow things have change and you should of gave me some credit because lot's of those links were from mine

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Posted 15 March 2007 - 06:48 PM

I thought I did. Must have only been in the other thread I moved.

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Posted 17 March 2007 - 09:13 PM

it took 9 days amazing lol
-Man utd fan , Dom


Don't ask about the sig i can't rememebr how to make it lol

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Posted 20 March 2007 - 01:33 AM

are there any wallpaper tuts in there, if so which section are they in?
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Posted 20 March 2007 - 04:32 PM

Only 2 it seems. One under Manipulation and one under Misc.

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Posted 20 March 2007 - 08:16 PM

thx alot...tihs makes stuff so much easier
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Posted 21 March 2007 - 12:28 AM

lol, i've done then both, oh well ty IP

BTW, love the link in ur sig, DESTROY HIM!!!
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